About Us

REPS & Co. is a data and technology centric company, working to better predict the demand and price of live events. By better understanding the economics of events, we believe we can create a more efficient ecosystem for consumers. Leading to our ultimate mission: Connect more fans to more live events.

We Are Reps & Company

REPS was founded in 2017 by brothers Ryan and Erik Pancheri. REPS is an innovative start up using technology to propel itself into the entertainment industry by utilizing data analytics to revolutionize live event ticket distribution. With our unique approach we are able to identify price inefficiencies and secure highly sought after tickets to events and shows across the nation. Our use of cutting-edge technology is what allows us to outperform our competitors and offer the best experiences at the best prices to our customers.

Our Team

Ryan Pancheri

CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan T. Pancheri is the co-founder and CEO of REPS & Company.

Ryan is passionate about building revolutionary technologies in the technology-deprived live entertainment industry. Since he was a child, he’s been obsessed with concerts and sporting events. It wasn’t until he headed off to college that he realized how inefficient the market actually was.

Ryan spent a year at the University of San Diego before he decided he couldn’t stay away from the industry. What followed was the founding of REPS & Company with his brother, Erik Pancheri, with the desire to topple the big players while using advances in technology to sprint past old pros.

Ryan’s desire to make something great has extended to the people around him. He loves pushing people to think about the bigger picture and giving them the opportunity to have massive success in the live entertainment space, as well as in future endeavors.

Erik Pancheri

President & Co-Founder

Erik Pancheri is the President and Co-Founder of REPS & Company.

After graduating from Poway High School he decided to partner with his brother, Ryan Pancheri, and begin the foundation of what would soon be REPS & Company. He was previously enrolled at the University of San Diego where he planned to major in Real Estate, but decided to forego school to focus on REPS & Company. Before REPS, he founded the company KP3 Endeavors, Inc., where he worked as the Chief Operations Officer.

At REPS & Company he focuses most of his time overseeing the processes and procedures, as well as leading the pricing team. He is extremely proud and honored to be working with such amazing people at REPS.

Outside of work he is an avid concert goer, loves traveling, and enjoys staying active outdoors. You can often find him on a basketball court crossing ankles and draining three pointers.

Brian Archibald

Chief Operating Officer

Brian has spent the last couple of decades in C level positions in organizations across a variety of industries, including the last 3 years in the Ticket Industry.

His main focus is to help create efficient systems that support and drive growth for REPS.

Scott Graves

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Graves is the Chief Technology Officer at REPS & Company.

He has more than 20 years of information technology experience and began his career at CCH. He rose from journeyman programmer to lead architect on the Electronic Filing Center, a system that processed more than one third of US tax returns. While at CCH he worked on critical parts of the system that would later become Turbo Tax Online. From 2005 until 2015 he served as CTO and partner at P3 Partners LLC. P3 provided strategic guidance, acquisition support, and contract management services to the CIOs of the Transportation Security Administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Aviation Administration.

In 2015, he joined DTI Management, a leader in the live event ticketing industry. Acting as CTO and development manager, he helped shepherd DTI to a profitable acquisition by CVC Capital Partners in 2017. He joined REPS in 2018 to help the company exploit the rich opportunities afforded by deep learning and big data technology in the life event ticketing space.

Nick Totagrande

VP of Operations

Nicholas Totagrande is the VP of Operations at REPS & Company.

Nick graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Biology. He has been with Reps since its inception in November of 2017. One of the things he has enjoyed seeing is the rapid growth within the company. He has been here since the beginning and has seen and been a part of building out the teams and departments from scratch. It has been a unique and challenging experience that he has truly enjoyed. Nick’s true passion in life is following the Keto diet. He can often be heard down the hall talking about how much he loves farmer’s market yogurt and ghee.

Cody graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Psychology in 2004. Her main role at REPS is to manage a team of people that ensure all purchases and sales are executed accurately and to develop systems that maintain our high standards in the ticketing industry. She has extensive experience in team management, quality control, customer service, and employee training. Her favorite part of her job is being part of a fast paced, growing industry and the friendships she has built. When she is not at work you can find her volunteering with Kiwanis Club or having drinks with friends.

Cody Trotter

Fulfillment Director

Daynia graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business. Before joining REPS in 2018, she was an operations manager at a technology consulting company. Her favorite part of her job is creating exceptional company culture and developing employees. She is a big animal lover and the proud owner of REPS beloved Chief Treat Officer, Hank. In the office, you can often find her engaged in witty banter, attempting to fix electrical issues, or showing off her favorite Dinosaur tattoo.



Kendall will be graduating from California State University San Marcos in the fall of 2019 with a degree in Kinesiology. Her favorite part about working at REPS is the employee camaraderie and fun, hard-working atmosphere that their team has created. When not working she loves exercising, traveling, and being outdoors.

Kendall Smith

Logistics Manager

Ben started as a part-time buyer and left college to join REPS full time when he realized there was enormous potential to grow within the company. The best part about his position is being able to make decisions, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes within a supportive and learning-centered team. He loves the people he works with and the community they have created. When not working, he is usually with co-workers playing sports, playing video games, or going to the movies.

Ben Bustria

Brokerage Manager

Craig joined REPS when it first started in 2017. Before REPS he was working for Ryan and Erik in a similar role while also attending USD studying finance. When Ryan and Erik offered him an opportunity to work with them at REPS full time and help them build the company, he dropped out of school, took it, and haven’t looked back. His favorite part of the job is the environment they have created that allows individuals to be themselves and be put in the best situations to succeed. When not working he enjoys thinking about working or playing basketball.

Craig Walker

Concert Analyst Manager

Glen attended the University of San Diego before joining REPS in 2017. His favorite part of the job is creating useful software to help reps be more efficient and profitable. When not working, he enjoys playing/watching sports, going to the beach, and playing video games.

Glen Damota

Software Engineer

His name is Jack Keigler and he is a Market Analyst at REPS. Prior to doing tickets, he studied both applied mathematics and finance at the University of San Diego. Before joining REPS in 2017, he was a purchasing associate at KP3 Endeavors. His favorite part of his job is the large financial risk. It keeps him motivated and on his toes. When not working he enjoys lifting weights, and drinking craft beer. One thing he is really excited for is buying a corgi (if his landlord allows…).

Jack Keigler

Event Analyst Manager

Tony graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Psychology and Business Administration in 2018. His favorite part of the job is loving the people he works with and having the opportunity to research and analyze one of his biggest passions, music and entertainment. When not working, he enjoys playing sports, going to the beach, traveling, playing Fortnite and binge watching The Office. Bottom line, he lives to become the person his dogs think he is.

Tony Ceron

Head of Inventory Management

RJ graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Finance. He worked part-time with REPS while he was in college and joined them as a full-time employee after he graduated in 2018. His favorite part about working here is how hard and driven his coworkers are and the level of autonomy given to us by their leaders. When not working, he enjoys watching events and listening to podcasts about all things MMA, playing beer league softball and playing with his cat.

RJ Hanshaw

Inventory Manager

Prior to joining REPS in 2018, Matt worked at Weedmaps, Intuit, Internet Marketing Inc, Flank Marketing and RealGifts. He enjoys the challenges brought on by the constant changes in the frontend world, and he loves designing slick user interfaces. His favorite part about the job is hearing awesome feedback from everyone, and being able to use the latest and greatest development frameworks available. When not at the office you can find him snowboarding, gaming, enjoying craft beer scene and scoping out up-and-coming music acts.

Matt Ogram

Frontend Software Engineer

Adam graduated from UCDavis with a BS in Computer Science. Before joining REPS in 2018, he worked at large tech companies as well as a handful of startups. His favorite part of the job is working with people who love music and building products that make their jobs easier. When not working, he's tinkering at home or singing karaoke.

Adam Buga

Senior Software Engineer

Before joining REPS in February 2018, Aaron studied Computer Science at Orange Coast College. He has an extensive self-taught background in software engineering with a strong history with C++. What he loves most about his job is being able to create products that help solve real world problems and give valuable insights into situations. When not working he is often trying to expand his knowledge into other areas of interest such as finance.

Aaron Glazer

Software Engineer

Eric graduated from the University of San Diego with majors in Business Administration and Finance. He loves working in an environment where they are constantly improving their processes. When not working, he likes playing sports, going to the gym, and playing video games. He is also in love with dog videos.

Eric Severn

Product Manager

Chelsea graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Business Marketing. Prior to joining REPS in 2018, she was a Executive Assistant for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. She supported a team of seven executives, and functioned as the leader for their loyalty program. Her favorite part of the job is being involved in all the different departments, and helping with day to day tasks. On her days not at the office, she enjoys surfing, hiking, and watching The Bachelorette with friends.

Chelsea Norton

Executive Assistant

Jacob graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing. Before joining REPS in 2017, he was a Market Analyst at a KP3 Endeavors. His favorite part of the job is working with a group of friends that feel like family; some of which are his fraternity brothers from college. When not working, he enjoys spending his time with family and friends, watching sports games, and there is a high probability you will find him at the local bar!

Jacob Mueller

QC & Marketing Manager

Just like some of the most successful people in the world Mike is a college dropout with an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to become successful. He considers himself to be a compassionate man and believe that building strong relationships with his team members and working as a cohesive unit to be a key factor to their success. When not working you can find him hitting dingers at the local softball fields or getting shutouts on the hockey rink where his competitive nature truly shines...He also like to take naps.

Mike Swint

Amazon Business Development

Miles attended Humboldt State and San Diego State University before beginning his career here. Before joining REPS, he was studying Kinesiology and working as a Head Coach for a youth soccer program. His favorite part of the job is learning to read market trends, making solid investments and being a part of the close knit community they have here. When not working, he likes playing soccer, going to the movies with his friends and attending concerts (and binge watching The Office with Daynia's husband and her dog.

Miles Murphy

Analyst Lead

Kelly began her career in HR/Recruiting in 2004. Her last notable position was with an international workforce solutions firm where, as Sr. Talent Solutions Manager, she provided onsite management to a multi-national medical device and pharmaceutical company. In January 2019, Kelly brings her diverse experience to REPS & Co. providing talent acquisition. When not working, Kelly enjoys sitting in traffic.

Kelly Gilstrap

HR Generalist

Cian first joined Reps in 2017. Prior to this he worked for a tech incubator located in Madrid. His favorite part of the job is showing up to work every day with determined and ambitious colleagues that are continuously striving to create a more efficient, productive company. He also enjoys using the innovative tools that he is provided at Reps to help him make decisions that will ultimately benefit the company. If he is not working you can find him at the beach, traveling, going to concerts, getting in a game of basketball, or exploring the beautiful city of San Diego.

Cian Hennessy

Analyst Lead

Anette started working as a Business Analyst in 2013, she believes that developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything, both professionally and personally. Prior to joining REPS in 2019, she implemented various software projects. Her favorite thing about the job is working with people to find out what they need and a way to fill the requirements for that need.

Anette Robinson

IT Business Analyst

Luke's favorite part about the job is being part of a tight knit group of hard working people who all excel in their roles, and push each other to get better every day. He has learned a lot about the live event industry and love its fast paced nature, always changing. Outside of work he loves to travel as well as strive to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and do his best to help others do the same.

Luke Kane

Market Analyst

Braden's favorite part of working for this company is the hard working people here who push him to get better everyday. He also loves being able to follow his favorite music artists and seeing how well their tours are going. When not working he enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and traveling.

Braden Burke

Market Analyst

Mason graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Economics. His favorite part about his job is having the responsibility of directly influencing marketplace outcomes all while working alongside some of his closest friends. When not working, he enjoys driving around and finding new places to eat as well as playing motorsport simulators.

Mason Manmano

Analyst Lead

Sean graduated from Elmhurst College with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. He joined the REPS team after finishing his Masters of Science in Organizational Behavior from the London School of Economics. Reps unique culture allows for Sean’s work to be more fruitful because they view happy people as the central driver of business success. When he isn’t working, Sean enjoys casual and professional banter about bird migratory patterns.

Sean Mckay

Head of Performance Management

Kelvin graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics. Before joining REPS, he was an economics and statistics tutor for MathWizJohn. His favorite part of the job is extrapolating a story from their data. When not working, he enjoys reading, thinking, traveling, watching stand-up, and listening to podcasts.

Kelvin Barahona

Analyst Lead

Andy graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Economics. Prior to joining REPS Andy liked to trade options and research companies on the stock market. His favorite part of the job is being able to lead a team and collaborate with coworkers. During his free time, Andy enjoys playing video games, sports, and discovering new places to eat.

Andy Chen

Market Analyst

James is from Pittsburgh PA where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh. He then went on to obtain his MBA from Point Loma Nazarene University and recently passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam. He has 5.5 years of accounting experience working for a fintech company.

James Arillotta

Accounting Manage

Luke Kolln graduated from Gonzaga University with degrees in Business Finance and Supply Chain Management. The most interesting part of being a Market Analyst has been learning about the psychology of consumers and how different demographics react to the market. He enjoys working with such an energetic and talented group of people. Aside from work, Luke enjoys fishing, basketball, and barbecuing.

Luke Kolln

Market Analyst

After finishing a short baseball career in Los Angeles, Alex moved to San Diego, where he established a small pet care business. He joined REPS full-time after seeing how the company provides a friendly, progressive and supportive environment. While not at work you can find him playing basketball, At the movies or surfing.

Alex Aguilar

Market Analyst

Eddie is graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance in May 2019. His favorite about REPS is being apart of a dynamic work environment, and also getting to work amongst his highly talented peers. When he’s not working, Eddie enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Jessica, and their soon-to-be daughter, Lily.

Eddie Canvasser

Market Analyst

Micaela graduated from Penn State University with her Master’s in Accounting and later obtained her CPA license while previously working for Deloitte. Her favorite part about working at REPS is the casual, young, innovative environment and helping this rapidly growing company reach its financial goals. She enjoys watching college football with friends and playing beach volleyball.

Micaela Aldrich

Sr. Accountant

Hussein graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a B.S. degree in Economics right before joining REPS in November 2018. His favorite part of being a Market Analyst is how interesting it is to directly influence the ticket industry. When he’s not working, Hussein is usually preparing for a Kickboxing fight, watching Liverpool, his favorite football (not soccer) team, or at the beach

Hussein El Sadek

Market Analyst

Kevin McKay

Market Analyst

Riley graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Physics from the College of Creative Studies. Prior to joining REPS in February 2018, he was an intern at the Gemini Observatory in Hilo, Hawaii where he worked on software for modeling high redshift galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope images. He loves using his background in math and physics to solve challenging problems here at REPS. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, Mexican food, and hanging out with friends.

Riley Peterson

Jr. Data Scientist

Gunther graduated from San Francisco State University with a double major in Mathematics and Philosophy. Before joining REPS in 2018, Gunther worked as a data analyst for a variety of startups and enterprise-level companies. His favorite part about working at REPS their passion for emerging software and technology. Gunther enjoys rock climbing, paragliding, playing guitar and hiking with his dog Pipa.

Gunther Havel

Junior Data Scientist

Prior to joining REPS, Doug held several field operations management positions in the Retail, Fitness and Recycling industries. Doug's really enjoys the REPS & CO culture and getting to work with incredibly smart, talented, creative and driven co-workers.
Doug loves coming to work everyday and is motivated by the incredible growth opportunities and fast paced environment at REPS & CO.

Doug Sanchez

Regional Box Office Manager

Carlos Bernal


Hi! I'm Hank! I run office security and inspect all office treats! I love ear scratches and wrestling, just don't touch my feet! I'm a super mutt. Half amazing, half fantastic.


Chief Treat Officer

Hi! I'm Tix!


Assistant to the President


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