Tijuana-Based Software Engineer

Job Summary

Founded in 2017, REPS & Co. is a future leader in the entertainment industry specializing in ticketing for live events. Our founders and key staff are industry veterans with fresh ideas for the ticketing industry. We provide tickets to many events and shows across the nation including music, sports and theatrical performances. We pride ourselves in offering the best experience for the best price to our customers. Our technology is what allows us to outperform our competitors and deliver an unforgettable experience to fans.

We are fully self-funded and profitable startup. This position will sit in Tijuana.

Our relaxed corporate culture is all about delivery, not red tape. Come as you are and achieve great things with your coworkers. You will work hard and you will learn.

Responsibilities and Duties

You will write software that will change the live events industry as part of a cohesive team of developers. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Writing great code that works, is easy to understand, and simple to maintain
  • Leading the architectural direction of one or more systems
  • Collaborating with your peers and Senior Developers on design and architecture
  • Reading other people’s code and to offer suggestions and find bugs
  • Deploying software into production systems and monitor its health
  • Sharing your skills with peers

As a member of the software development team, you will be at the core of the company’s mission

Qualifications and Skills

If you are a seasoned professional software engineer with two to five years of experience, then you may be who we are looking for. Successful candidates will be good at:

  • Mentoring Junior Software Engineers
  • Working within a standardized software development life cycle
  • Working on small, tightly knit teams
  • Designing and coding web front-ends

Experience with the following technologies is required:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • One or more front end frameworks (Bootstrap, Pure, etc)
  • One or more MVC / MVW frameworks (Angular, React, etc)
  • Javascript 5+
  • One or more front end build tools (grunt, gulp, webpack, npm, etc)
  • Python 3
  • Linux
  • One or more flavors of SQL (Aurora or Redshift is a plus)

In addition you must have these skills:

  • Strong understanding of algorithms, design patterns, debugging techniques, and all the other basic mental tools of software development
  • Ability to write clean, readable, and reusable code
  • Ability to read and constructively comment on other’s code
  • Fluent in English, all interviews, instructions and meetings will be conducted in English

Email your resume to hr@reps2.com